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[AMA Recap] - Conflux và Blockchain Crews ngày 24/11/2019


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Lúc 20h ngày 24/11/2019, dự án Conflux đã tổ chức AMA trên nhóm BlockchainCrews, dưới đây là nội dung chi tiết về buổi AMA


AMA chia làm 3 phần:
Phần 1: Maxim sẽ hỏi Cris 3 câu hỏi về dự án Conflux
Phần 2: Cris sẽ trả lời các câu hỏi đến từ cộng đồng, 10 người có câu hỏi hay được chọn sẽ nhận được phần thưởng 10$ FC token
Phần 3: Năm câu hỏi quiz sẽ được gửi tới cộng đồng, 2 bạn trả lời đúng và nhanh nhất sẽ nhận được 5$ FC
AMA bắt đầu tại:

Yêu cầu mọi người cần tham gia 2 nhóm của Conflux
?Telegram Eng: t.me/Conflux_English
? Telegram Vietnam:
Sửa lần cuối:


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Maxim: Before the AMA start, could you please introduce a little bit about yourself?
Anh có thể giới thiệu về bản thân để mọi người làm quen nhé.

Tatsu: Mến Chào toàn thể anh em BlockchainCrew. Mình là Tatsu, đại diện nhóm cộng đồng Conflux tại Việt Nam.
Rất vui chúng ta có dịp gặp và chia sẻ thông tin dự án Conflux cùng mọi người.

Cris: My name is Chris, I am half German half Chinese, grew up both in China and Germany. I have a Masters from Tsinghua and am now the Global Marketing Manager at Conflux. I have been in Vietnam in September and loved it there. Vietnamese are very friendly, energetic and smart!




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Phần 1: Maxim sẽ hỏi Cris 3 thông tin về dự án Conflux

Maxim: Question no.1
What is Conflux? What exactly is the Conflux industry focused on?

Cris: Conflux is a Fast & Scalable Layer-1 Public Blockchain, where the throughput is no longer limited by the Consensus protocol, but by the processing capability of each node to achieve over 3500 TPS while not sacrificing safety and decentralization.

The biggest problem that Conflux is trying to solve and focusses on can be summed up in one sentence: to accomplish what Ethereum isn’t able to achieve!


Conflux là một Blockchain công cộng lớp 1 nhanh và có thể mở rộng, trong đó thông lượng không còn bị giới hạn bởi giao thức Đồng thuận, mà bởi khả năng xử lý của mỗi nút để đạt được hơn 3500 TPS trong khi không hy sinh sự an toàn và phân cấp.

Vấn đề lớn nhất mà Conflux đang cố gắng giải quyết và tập trung vào có thể được tóm tắt trong một câu: để hoàn thành những gì Ethereum có thể đạt được!

Maxim: Sounds like your team are building ETH version 2.0, very interesting.
Cris: Not really, Ethereum 2.0 would be POS. We will never go POS. We are and will stay POW


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Question 2: Why are your team decided to build Conflux on the POW but not run on POS like ETH 2.0 or V Systems ?
I also want to know more about it

I will try and keep this answer short:

PoW based-protocol is the most proven and successful model so far. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most influential blockchain project. Although EOS, Tron and many other POS projects have emerged in the Blockchain world, none of them are widely adopted.

After all, what blockchain provides fundamentally is trust. Security and decentralization are the key to build trust in the beginning. POS has many problems in terms of security and decentralization.

Also, other project where never able to scale up the throughput of POW like we did ?

Tôi sẽ cố gắng và giữ câu trả lời này ngắn gọn:

Giao thức dựa trên PoW là mô hình được chứng minh và thành công nhất cho đến nay. Bitcoin và Ethereum là dự án blockchain có ảnh hưởng nhất. Mặc dù EOS, Tron và nhiều dự án POS khác đã xuất hiện trong thế giới Blockchain, nhưng không có dự án nào trong số chúng được áp dụng rộng rãi.

Rốt cuộc, những gì blockchain cung cấp về cơ bản là sự tin tưởng. An ninh và phân cấp là chìa khóa để xây dựng niềm tin ngay từ đầu. POS có nhiều vấn đề về bảo mật và phân cấp.

Ngoài ra, dự án khác nơi không bao giờ có thể mở rộng thông lượng của POW như chúng tôi đã làm?

Wow, I understood
I like it, Conflux does not promise as much as POS like many other project but it will do the best.

Cris: Well, actually, Conflux isis currently the highest performing POW-based public blockchain in the world, even much higher than a lot of PBFT-based Blockchains (Libra) and partially decentralized public blockchains (EOS).


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Question 3: I know that Conflux recently attended a lot of events and met Blockchain teams in Vietnam. Why is Conflux particularly interested in Vietnam blockchain market than other countries?

Besides Vietnam, we have also been in Germany, USA, Korea, Singapore and many more. Why Vietnam you ask?

You guys are young, smart and want to use new technology to improve the future! You guys are willing to learn new things! Also, if you look at crypto trading ranking by country, Vietnam is always amongst the highest!

So many factors just lead to Vietnam, not only for us, but for every blockchain company!

Very pround of it. I hope someday, Vietnam will have a great blockchain project like Conflux.

You guys already have super cool projects like TomoChain and KardiaChain


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Phần 2: Cris sẽ trả lời 10 câu hỏi hay được gửi tới từ cộng đồng

Q1: @NO4M3
You mentioned on your site that "Conflux will build versatile applications financial transactions, Internet ID, IoT, property rights fields."
By using TG, will 3000-6000 TPS be enough then?

Cris: 3000-6000 TPS is enough for most applications ? I understand your concerns, and a big portions of this problem is not the consensus itself, but also the hardware. So if the general hardware, such as processor, bandwidth, storage I/O get faster, the throughput will also increase

Q2: @phamtan310
There is not so much information about FC tokens on your website, can you tell me what is the function of FC tokens? Is it going to have potential in the long term?

Cris: The FC coins are called Fan Coins! These are the tokens we want to give to our community as compensation and thanks you! They can be swapped 1:1 with the mainnet CFX tokens when our mainnet launches!

Q3: @ShawnnaZuniga
In the future and at the present, there have been many thriving exchanges in VIET NAM and organizing many events / meetings, promotions, ... So you feel it is too late when Conflux now just started?

Cris: I mean, yes, there have been many events. And this will not stop anytime soon. Like said before, Vietnam is one of the hottest countries for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, so naturally many want to have a community in VN. It's important to build up a great community, so we wish that everyone of you can join us on Telegram: https://t.me/confluxvietnam and make do Bounties!

The project is important, but the community and the people are equally as important for us to bring Blockchain to our everyday lives!

Q4: @shinichiconan214
Nowaday, #DeFi is changing our relationship with money, investing, credit and debt ? How do you think about and how CFX can help in this case ? @ConfluxCris @Tatsu_Washi

Cris: Conflux will make the user experience nicer and faster through its novel consensus mechanism! No one wants to pay high transaction fees and wait for ages, with Conflux none of these will be an issue ;)

Q5: @duybao2001
In the future, when countries start accepting blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which direction will Conflux develop? What is the target that Conflux will aim for?

Cris: Let take China for example!
We are currently the only public blockchain project, where the CN government has publicly announced a collaboration with. Together we will open a research institute in Shanghai and work on these developments!

In the future, we also hope to work with more countries and support them with cryptocurrency adaption!

Q6: @ArekAdam
With which programming languages i can write smart contracts of ConFlux Blockchain ? Which language is most preffered by Conflux ? Is Conflux supports Solidity language ?

Cris: Super cool that you ask this question!

At Conflux, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We are building on the foundations of Ethereum, keep what’s good and improve what could be better. As of now, our system is fully EVM-compatible, that is, you can take any Ethereum smart contract and deploy it on Conflux with no or minimal modifications. This of course also means that we support any language that compiles to EVM bytecode. The benefit is of course performance: On Conflux, your dapps are going to be fast, and you don’t need to sacrifice any security or decentralization

Q7: Do you have any partnerships with other projects to focus in the near future ?

Cris: We have many partnerships ?

For example with bloxRoute, a layer-0 solutions. Bifrost, a middleware platform between networks and protocols. Bitpie, CoboWallet and many more.

Our partnerships are choosen carefully and together we will build a future where Blockchain Technology is everywhere and for everyone!

Q8: What are you aiming to build with CONFLUX , once everything is fully operational ?

Cris: Conflux’s unique Tree-graph consensus protocol is able to 1) maximize the throughput to 3500 TPS without sacrificing decentralization and security, 2) optimize confirmation time to be between 20-30 seconds, providing the same level of security as 6 blocks in Bitcoin and 30 blocks in Ethereum 3) lessen the transaction fee to less than 1% of the fee of Ethereum.

Q9: Hi Cris, do you know i always want to steal your ConFi, it's really lovely. Are there any campaigns to receive reward by ConFi in future for Vietnamese community?

Cris: You will get a Confi! I promise you that! Last time we did have some problems with the customs. Which was really sad, as they send them back to China..

Q10: How will you grow your current userbase with Conflux ? Any plans to expand Conflux ?

Cris: We are always expanding globally! In China our userbase is quite solid, everywhere else we are working with locals, who are experts in their respective markets to expand the community!


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Phần 3: Maxim sẽ đưa ra 5 câu hỏi về Conflux, 2 bạn trả lời đúng và nhanh nhất sẽ nhận được $5 FC

Q1: Token chính thức của Conflux sau khi chạy mainnet có tên là gì?
Đáp án: CFX

Q2: Khi nào Conflux sẽ khởi chạy Mainnet?
Đáp án: Q1/2020

Q3: Câu 3: Kể tên 3 dự án phát triển theo công nghệ POW mà bạn biết.
Đáp án: BTC, ETH, ETC ....

Q4: Thành viên nào của Conflux đã làm việc cho sàn Huobi?
Đáp án: Ivy Qi

Q5: Kể tên 3 cộng đồng Vietnam đã từng có chiến dịch bounty trên Conflux ?
Đáp án: Coiner, Blockchain Crew, Bigcoin VN
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